Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Results: Batch 10

Time for results. I haven't had the time to do any new previews for the past couple of weeks because i've been working on a new business. I will try and spend some more time getting new ones up.


1. Fast & Furious - Predicted 40-59%, actual turned out to be 36%. Don't feel too bad about this one, I was pretty close and it could have gone either way.

2. Dragonball: Evolution - Predicted 0-19%, actual turned out as 30%. I am surprised about this one, simply because the movie just looks so incredibly terrible it's hard to comprehend how any critic was able to give this a thumbs up. I suppose I may have underestimated the camp/ironic factor....but come on that can only carry a movie so far before it wears off and you realize that you're trapped in the same darkened room with this movie.

3. Hannah Montana: The Movie - Predicted 60-79%, result 46%. I overestimated the value of the wholesome appeal here, once again I should have stuck to my newly developed rules about children's movies.

4. Observe and Report - Predicted 40-59%, result 54%. Spot on, nothing interesting to comment on here.

Only 1 out of 4 this time, not a good set of results. Although I feel I should at least have 2 out of 4 because whoever Dragonball: Evolution as a thumbs up was clearly high. Until next previction.