Friday, January 9, 2009

Hotel for Dogs:

Hotel for Dogs: Trailer1 @ Apple Trailers

Hotel for Dogs: Trailer2 @ Apple Trailers

Standard Disney-esque animal movie fare. Kids get a dog, find other dogs, build a hotel for them, someone wants to take the hotel away, all inventions used in hotel turn into things to repel the invaders, all are happy. Nothing looks glaringly wrong with it and it has dogs in it. Heck I am even a bit curious to know how the robbers/evil bankers/landlords are going to get beaten up.

I can't even imagine what the set must be like on the shoot for one of these things. Did I mention it has dogs in it? What a curve ball it would be if the movie was actually about some kind of timeshare condo for cats. Hotel for Dogs will handily win the Oscar for Best Use of 40 or More Dogs.

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