Monday, January 26, 2009

Taken: Wherein we see...

Taken: Trailer 1 @ Fox Movies

....the debut of scary, sadistic Liam Neeson (often known as the "Irish Jason Bourne" or the "Emerald Eviscerator") as an ex-spy whose daughter is kidnapped by slave traders in this action-thriller flick. So freed from the restraints of common social norms like not breaking people's kneecaps and electrocuting them Neeson no doubt goes about racking up a body count in the search for his daughter. Oskar Schindler this ain't.

Apparently heavyweight Luc Besson did the script which could be a big plus since he has a knack for finding the humanity in brutal situations and within his, almost always, sociopathic protagonists (Leon is one of my all time favorite movies btw). Unfortunately no genius moments are shining through in the trailer, and that does not bode well that Taken is not another cookie cutter, justified-killfest (See: Man on Fire).

As for the trailer itself; Liam Neeson sounds like he is awkwardly suppressing his accent which gets me off balance some, but that does not need to be a fatal blow of Jenga proportions, i'll let it slide. The daughter sounds VERY annoying, but she looks set to have a role reduced to crying and being generally afraid for her life, so safe on that count as well. Action is pretty good, the ol' Emerald Eviscerator looks like he has some moves left. Really my only concern is that Neeson is not going to be able to take on a Besson style character; not out of lack of talent but simply because of the normal range he is expected to exist in by audiences. And if his performance doesn't work the movie will probably get panned critically.

Also Luc Besson could have just simply crapped it up on the script. That's a possibility too. I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt though and go higher than my instinct. Dude, watch out for his set of skillz.

Taken opens Jan 30th.

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