Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coraline: Creepy Fun for the Fam

I am convinced that Henry Selick lives in a grotesque, yet fun world of his own making somewhere in the foothills of Pennsylvia, kind of like an evil Willy Wonka. It must be an absolute blast to go to a house party though, someone is sure to get eaten by something.

Coraline is infused with the gothic, cute creepiness that Selick introduced us to in The Nightmare Before Christmas, although this time around the palette has been expanded a considerable amount from the black, white and orange of its predecessor. It looks quite good, with attractive animation and design for both characters and sets.

It sounds like Dakota Fanning did a great job on the voice acting for Coraline, so no beef there. Story good, voice acting good, visuals good. Solid all around. This is certainly not a Pixar movie, but what's the point in imitating someone else when you have an excellent style of your own? I think it will win big for creativity.

Coraline is due out February 6th.

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