Friday, December 12, 2008

Seven Pounds: Will Smith, Ninja Santa Claus

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Seven Pounds: Trailer 3 @ Apple Trailers

Will Smith is Ben Thomas, a benevolent IRS agent seeking redemption for a mysterious event in his past by helping deserving people. The trailer is plain enough with some interesting visuals, but most of its allure comes from teasing you to guess exactly why Thomas is going around handing away his world possessions. He's kind of like a Ninja Santa Claus that goes around checking up on whether you need help and then swoops down in disguise and peppers you with goodwill and happiness.

The flick seems a bit gimmicky, and the producers definitely know that the mystery aspect will be what draws the majority of people in to the theater; but it doesn't look all bad in terms of acting. Will Smith is always entertaining and has a proven capacity for serious roles on top of his blockbuster ones. In addition to the theatrical trailer there are several clips where we see Mr. Thomas talking one on one with the different characters he is trying to help. The clips exhibit a patient pace and are generally positive, in particular the dialogue with the (forgotten name) 'Sniper Guy in Saving Private Ryan' is well acted. The sequences between Thomas and what looks to be his love interest are the only instances where it looks a little dry.

Long story short, people will see it but i'm unsure whether it's going to play big with the critics if it can't pull off the gimmicky part of it. I would like to see Will Smith in a ninja movie though.

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