Friday, December 26, 2008

Valkyrie: So This Thing Called WWII Happened....

Valkyrie: Trailer 1 @ Apple Trailers

...And it provided material for hundreds upon hundreds of movies for years to come! I shudder to think what will happen to the movie industry when the luster of WWII fades from our minds.

Finally the much discussed, controversial, make-or-break picture from United Artists is due to come out. There has been so much talk about this movie over the past year, from the initial reaction to pictures released of the eyepatched' Cruise to news of release date delays its hard to look at it objectively. But that's not what we do here anyway.

Despite his offscreen antics I think that Tom Cruise remains a very good actor. He always brings an intensity to his performances that can't be replaced. Sure he's had some duds but none of them were horrible. Anyway Valkyrie looks like a solid enough thriller, the plot sounds exciting (if predictable), and the acting doesn't look bad. Straight 60%-79%.

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